Devlog #8 Designing Game Map - I

I applied framerate independence to my game. This feature provides stable game speed. There are useful sources about it that you can find easily how to apply to your game on the internet. It's a small update for my game. 

This post is about the design of a game map. When I generate the map, the game map just occurs base tiles without any trees or stones or whatever should be there. Therefore, I want to add part of the trees to the map. So I just used Perlin noise for it:

Procedural Generated Jungle

Well, This is not really looks of the nature that we see outside. It's understandable because I used Perlin noise according to generating of the map. So I need to create a new function with different amplitude and frequency values when using Perlin noise. I mentioned this topic in my first devlog post.

It's better now:

Game Map
There is uniformity as I use the same tree image. But if you add 100 kinds of an image of trees and choose one of them randomly, we will get a more natural view of the map. But first I want to add some big stones. Let's add it:
added stones on the game map

That's "wundebar".

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