OpenTK Tutorials (OpenGL/C#)

OpenTK provides to use OpenGL in .NET Core. I want to collect my journey about OpenGL using OpenTK in this page. It will not be a detailed tutorial series. If you want to learn OpenGL as beginner, I recommend website definetly.

Using OpenTK - OpenTK makes much more easier to development enviroment. You don't have to build environment like using CMake for OpenGL. You can just add package of OpenTK in your .net project and that's it. Also, We are gonna use C# instead of C++. We know that C++ is really complex language than C#. In short, developing on OpenTK gives us a lot of speed. But, of course, C++ is faster than C# as hardware performance. C++ is the most preferred in the field of game development, especially on the game engine side.

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