Make a Space Invader Game using C# and SFML

The following blog post, it's gonna be about an overview of the game project, and this post will be updated as time goes on. We're going to create a game together. C# as a programming language and SFMLNET as portable API written using C++ will be used while making the game. You can learn more about SFML from this link.

Shoot 'em up also known as shmup is called a sub-genre in video games. This is a great start for game development at an entry level. However, the series of the tutorial is not recommended for who doesn't know programming and other related things like algorithm. Because in this tutorial series is assumed readers have already known these bits of knowledge. 

The programmer who wrote these tutorials uses Visual Studio Code as an Editor. However, learners of these tutorials can use Visual Studio or other IDE/Editor which supports .NET as a framework. The author of this blog also added a blog post about how to develop C# apps in Visual Studio Code, but it's written in another language, even so, you can find good tutorials about how to use it. 

Click for the repository of the game project.

What will happen in the game?

It's obvious from the header, we're going to shoot spacecraft. These spacecraft will be spawn top of the screen and will come upon the player's craft. If they collide or shoot the player's craft, the player will lose the game. In this process of the game, the player has to score as much as possible.


The tutorials will be listed below and new ones will be added over time:

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