Devlog #7 Loading Bar Screen

When I ran the project, the window of the prototype was waiting for a while on a black screen in the generating. In the meantime, I want a loading bar to appear on the screen, and for this, I'm going to use threading. Two hours later... Yep, I did some palpable things:

loading screen
For the next step, I want to get data from the generating thread. These data contain about which function was active when thread was alive. After that, These data will be shown on top of the loading bar. I just create variable called info_thread and assigned it to each function stage. I tested via print function and it works. I need to print this data on the screen, and here we go:
loading screen

We could add some other things like loading percentage or a fancy background. That's just the detail of the job. Consequently, the thread worked to do it.

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