A UI library for MonoGame - Devlog #1

I've been working on my own ui library for a while. Progress is a bit slow because I don't have much time. I can say it's more of a project I pursue for hobby purposes. 

There are some reasons why I am doing such a project:

  • I can work on projects in Monogame, so I might need some UI support.
  • I couldn't find a UI library in Monogame that truly meets my requirements. (There are some issues for ImGUI in Monogame)
And other things that I haven't thought of yet.

So far in the project, I'm progressing with two elements: Component and Panel. The components will be placed inside the panels. Yes, simply like that. I don't want it to be more complex for now. I have created elements such as panel, button, and scrollbar. It's functioning adequately in its basic form. In fact, it seems possible to achieve a responsive outcome.

An example image:

The project will not be open source for now. Additionally, my GitHub page has become quite cluttered.

In the next stage, I plan to add basic elements such as horizontal scrollbar, label, text box, grid etc.. I also need to create a suitable structure for handling and capturing events.

Let's create a todo list:
  • Label
  • TextBox
  • Handling Events
  • Horizontal Scrollbar
  • z-order (for collision ex.)
  • Grid (??)
  • ImageButton component (~)

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