Devlog #13 Making Inventory for the Game

Hello from another devlog. I'm working on inventory for the game I'm working on. As I said in the previous devlog, I was going to work on inventory. To be clear, interface programming has been painful for me. Because I had only done beginner level work on the gui before. Anyway, I think I've developed a successful inventory interface prototype as of today. I started making the prototype last week. I even shared a few tutorials about it. These tutorials can be viewed below:

After these posts, I made serious improvements in the inventory. After the improvement, the final version of the inventory can be seen on the video recording:
After fixing a few more shortcomings, I will try to implement the inventory in the main project.

Update (October/20/2021)
I implemented this inventory in the main project. As I expected, the implementation brought frustrating errors along with it. Therefore, I had to make some changes about the invetory in the main project. After 3-4 hours, the results were obtained as follows:

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