Devlog #12 - Pathfinding and Lighting

I mentioned my computer crushed in previous devlog. For reason, I couldn't continue where I left off on my project. Because my source code of prototype is awful and not really clean. I did not remember any thing what should I do. Therefore, I create a new project and I moved with it. Of course, I didn't reinvent something, instead I copied certain parts from the old prototype. Now, the new project looks better than the old project as a code struct not the view of the prototype. 

So, where am i at the development of the game?

  • I implemented A*(star) pathfinding algorithm. I can use it for movement of my units basically. However, this implementation needs some optimizations.
  • Lighting, this is important detail for my game. I actually want to use dynamic lighting. I even implemented a basic version of it but.. For now, I hibernated that part, instead I used static lighting.
  • I added some basic action operation to the player. This is not done, it is under development.
  • Sensible zoom action for camera.
  • Selection area for units and also left click action for selected or not selected.
I have to improve the game assets as visual. The art part is my weak part in the development. Also, I will start to working on UI. This part is critical because it should be simple and extendable. 

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