Devlog #11 Everything has changed both times

Date: 6/9/2021

Now, I changed everything and I'm starting to use Unity Game Engine and I'm developing a game currently. Yesterday(06.08.2021), I made a decision to use Unity. Well, I took one course from Coursera to help adapt to Unity and I finished the course. So, here we are. Why did I change my mind? ....

I'm using Aseprite to draw assets of the game and it's a really useful and powerful tool. Well, My drawing is not good but it belongs to me at least.

Tilemap in Unity

Look at this dude:

Player Aseprite

Well, I write some scripts for the depth of the 2d map. However, implementing this feature to the sprites of tilemap is complex. So I decided to use obstacles as prefabs. In this way, implementing was so easy. Also, I redesign arts of the tileset and draw something in addition:

Top-down game in Unity

There are some problems with the sorting operation, so I can't say it works perfectly but still enough. And also I don't like the view of the base. For this, I might write some script to create a seamless view of the base.....

Date: 7/13/2021

LMAO! Well, I typed this article a month ago and left it as a draft. Obviously, I can't do it with Unity. Why:
    • I was very slow in development. Because I don't know Unity.exactly. But this is not a problem I can learn it, the real problem is that it's really slow. When I run the project everything occurs after 5 seconds. The interesting thing is that there is nothing in the project except the above pieces of stuff. Maybe, My computer is not enough for this, and probably it is.
    • I don't need that many advanced features from the engine in my game. I hope.
    • Also, was there Unity before? :D
So, what did I do? I decided to use SFML and also I created some basic tutorials about it, actually, this reason is to learn the library myself. SFML is a really powerful multimedia library. This is not an engine but it makes easier important things like drawing operations via graphics cards that use OpenGL API but not Modern OpenGL. But you have to create too many things yourself what do you want. So after that, I started to make a new project as an RPG game. But, I can't give any idea of the game because I don't have anything in my mind right now. But the game prototype looks like it for now:

And I think, I have too many things that I must do. But I got some big problems. I came to most important case for game development, the lighting system of the game.
Date: 8/3/21

My computer crashed and everything stopped about the game until today. I bought new computer. 😑 I already made some light system for my game, you can see in this video. But this was two weeks ago. 

Now, I'm working on inventory system for my game. An image from game prototype:
inventory in the game

I want to finish this eleventh devlog in here. 

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