Introduction to Game Programming

 This blog series will be about game programming. We are going to use pygame to game programming. So, we need pygame module to programming the game, if you haven't it then install it before. Pygame is python module can be used tools which are about graphic, sound, etc. Why are we using pygame? Because it provides easy and fast usage. We don't move with a lot of complexity.

My plan is to create a game that will be really useful for learning game programming and its concepts. In addition, I'm not a professional game programmer, and actually, I will continue to learn with these articles. Probably, it is a kind of learning technics.

This game will be a survival RPG game like Minecraft, Terraria, etc. That's classic for the tutorial. This game will be a tile-based game and of course, it is two-dimensional and we are going to use pixel-art for its game art. Reader, at this point it is you, should know enough stage about these requirements:

  • Python programming language
  • Object-oriented programming (oop)
  • Math (basic level is enough for the beginning) 
I think everything is clear for now. I have no plan about how should be the game? This post journey is going to be as impromptu. Let's start to program our game.

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